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Searching for Missing Children Separated on 17 April 1975.
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Dear Friends,

Cambodia experienced a Mahantdorai, a time of great destruction that stole the lives of millions of our loved ones and left millions more with the mental and physical wounds of our great trauma.
This website is dedicated to survivors and their families and is committed to a greater understanding of the physical and psychological illness that comes from war, torture and genocide. We are calling the site the Cambodian Health Network with the hope that it will encourage people across the world, to link together in an exchange of information, ideas, and resources that can help preserve our health and improve the quality of our lives. We welcome contributions from survivors and those who care for them in order to develop a site that can serve as the hub for communications about our health care needs and ways of bringing the best care to our community. We hope this site will honor the courage and the resiliency of the Cambodian people.

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